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CosmicMod 3-19 proposed change log
Overall the the changes have been updates, and packages added and removed which can be compared with 
the current world file in case you want to update but do not want to re-image.

Major Changes

- Updated Linux Kernel either 4.14 or 4.19 from gentoo-sources if the package gets marked as stable.

- updated linux-firmware

- disk image will be shrunken down to fit on USB drives or SSDs greater than or equal to 64GB; more details to follow.

- Installed image can easily be expanded to utilize the full disk space using gParted after installation.

Packages added

- Pidgin (email us if you recommend a better XMPP client)

- lm_sensors just installed not configured; more details to follow.

- screenfetch

- kcron/cronie

- tcpdump

- netcat

- wireshark

Packages removed

- a few duplicate/deprecated packages were removed

Will post all available package in world file soon.