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CosmicMod 4-19 Coming Soon! See the proposed changes page for more info.

  • Optimized for Newer AMD and Intel CPUs and GPUs
  • Noveau and Vesa graphics support included.
  • Full featured GNU/Linux distribution geared towards developers, security specialists, network and system admins.
  • The disk image has many tools and applications which are already included.
  • CosmicMod is a version-less source-based, rolling distro.
  • The main differences between CosmicMod and other Gentoo-based distros is that CosmicMod is meant to be a meta-distribution.
Meaning it can still be utilized for any purpose, desktop, gaming system, server, workstation etc.
  • The same disk image can be used as a "live" system on a usb, external ssd or can be installed internally.
  • Updated disk images will be released to coincide with the major changes such as new LTS kernels and major profile changes.
  • Optimized build environment including all the tools to build and install Gentoo.
  • Beautiful Plasma theme, additional software and command line tools and a custom kernel build.

 Note: CosmicMod does not support legacy bios motherboards; UEFI and a 64 bit CPU is a requirement to utilize and install this distro.

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Email all questions and responses to oz at cosmicmod dot net