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CosmicMod 1-19 Coming Soon! See the proposed changes page for more info.

- Currently Optimized for Latest Gen AMD and Intel CPUs and GPUs 
- Noveau and Vesa graphics support included.
- AMD64 build
- Not intended to be a light distro, while CPU and Memory usage of the distro are low, it is currently required 
   to have a 250 GB SSD or greater as the install disk has many tools and applications which are already included.
Note: CosmicMod does not support legacy bios motherboards; UEFI and a 64 bit CPU is a requirement to utilize and install this distro.

Hardware Support

Cosmic Mod Install Guide

Cosmic Mod Download Page

Updating Cosmic Mod

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Proposed Change Log

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CosmicMod Screen Shots

Cosmic Mod Videos

Until we get a nice forum and IRC channel up email all questions and responses to oz at cosmicmod dot net