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- Cosmic-Mod is a version-less source-based, rolling distro.

- The main differences between CosmicMod and other Gentoo-based distros is that CosmicMod is still meant to be a meta-distribution. Meaning it can still be utilized for any purpose, Desktop, gaming system, server, workstation etc.

- CosmicMod does not utilize a different package manager or binary packages. it utilized Portage because in our opinion portage is one of the most powerful package managers.

- The makefile can easily be modified and CosmicMod can be fully re-emerged to be even more tailored to your specific machine in the true spirit of Gentoo.

- The goal of this project was to create the perfect distro for developers, security professionals and system administrators that could easily be utilized as a distro for a server, workstation, or high-end desktop system.

- We have poured in numerous hours into creating and refining what we hope to be the finest Gentoo-based distro with-out unnecessary non-sense or an installer.

- The same disk image can be used as a "live" system on a usb, external ssd or can be installed internally without utilizing a bs installer. If you are in dire need for an "installer" Kubuntu may be a better choice.

- We do not have the desire or the intention to create an installer for this disk image as we feel it will cripple the functionality and the flexibility of this distro.

- Updated images are usually released when there is a new LTS kernel release, Gentoo profile changes or other major changes.

- CosmicMod updated disk images will be released approximately twice a year to coincide with the major changes.

- CosmicMod is ready to use out of the box with tools for network professionals, developers, and security professionals.

- Cosmic-Mod was also meant to be an optimized build environment including all the tools to build and install Gentoo.

- Cosmic-mod is largely similar to a vanilla Gentoo install except custom changes to the default Plasma theme, additional software and command line tools and a custom kernel build.

- The bash commands utilized to generate this distro were originally largely adapted from the Gentoo Handbook.