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CosmicMod 10-18 Is here! New kernel build 4.14 LTS kernel with additional hardware support and updates rolled in. Along with additional games to test your graphics card and other refinements. 

Linux 4.14.65 LTS kernel release.
Legacy bios partition removed. 
Packages removed:



Packages added: 






you should set Evince as the default PDF document viewer due to page refresh issues with Okular.  Okular still available for form filling.

Custom Plasma CM logos and boot menu

Large icons enabled which can be disabled by right-clicking on the desktop and changing the icon size from huge to large.

We aware of the fact that the widgets will probably be distorted on initial install but it is not that hard to move and resize them.

CosmicMod 10-18 Download Link


Old deprecated releases


- Packages removed: rar package removed.

- Additional new packages added: GNU Screen, Xonotic

- Thanks to Vinícius for providing CPU flags for Intel processors to ensure disk image is binary compatible with Intel processors.

Cosmic-Mod-7-18 update

- New dark/black custom theme for login page, lock screen and desktop to accommodate working in low light conditions and to be easier on the eyes if you work with terminals a lot. Also draws less power on OLED screens.

- Activated and configured 2 virtual desktops assisted by (sadhana)

- Software and Security updates rolled in along with a kernel update and rebuild.